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Claims centers provide language assistance to Limited-English Proficient (LEP) clients

Our claims centers provide assistance for those applying for unemployment-insurance benefits. If you need language assistance, we provide it at no charge. Here are the instructions for the most commonly requested languages. If you are using a screen reader, select audio links.

LEP unemployment-insurance information

Choose from the following languages: 1-English, 2-Spanish, 3-Arabic, 4-Amharic, 5-Somali,
6-Oromo, 7-Farsi, 8-Russia, 9-Punjabi, 10-Chinese, 11-Korean, 12-Laotian, 13-Cambodian,
14-Vietnamese, and 15-Tagalog, or select a number on the map below for LEP unemployment-insurance information.

Flash map of most frequently requested languages:
Language map

Having trouble listening to or viewing this information? You may need to download one of the following:

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