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Job-search log information

If you have a question about your job-search requirements listed below or how to complete your job-search log, watch the how-to-complete-your-job-search-log video.  (Spanish video)  

You can find a copy of a job-search log in the Handbook for Unemployed Workers (PDF, 2.9MB), or get a copy on our forms page.


While claiming unemployment benefits, you must be:

  • Able to work.
  • Available for work.
  • Actively seeking suitable work.
  • Registered for work with a WorkSource employment center or local employment center (if living outside of Washington).

Each week that you claim benefits, you must make at least three employer contacts or participate in three in-person job-search activities (or a combination of both, for a total of three) at your local WorkSource employment center or at another member of the American Job Network (if living outside of Washington).

You must keep a log of all of your job-search activities. We may contact you or your employer contacts to review your job-search efforts.

You do not have to look for work if you are approved:

  • For Commissioner-Approved Training (CAT).
  • For the Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP).
  • For training benefits.
  • As a member of a full-referral union that is recognized by the department.
  • For department-approved standby.

We will notify you of your job-search requirements at the time you file your unemployment claim.

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